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Thank You Lord (1998)

Ain’t got time to die – Solista G. Ruffini Ascolta
Go down moses
Joshua fit the battle of Jerico – Solista M.Capra
The Lord is my light Ascolta
Amazing Grace Ascolta
Every time I feel the spirit – Solista F. Parma
Nobody knows – Solista S. Camaiora
When the saints go marching in – Solisti F. Parma e G. Ruffini Ascolta
He’s coming back – Solita G. Ruffini Ascolta
Lord I know I’ve been changed Ascolta
Highway to heaven(One way to God,I’m so glad I’m walking,Power in the blood) – Solista G. Ruffini Ascolta
Amen – Solista F. Parma Ascolta
Oh happy day – Solista G. Ruffini


Praise Him (2001)

Praise him – Solista N.H. Brown
Soon ah will be done – Solista N.H. Brown
Spirtual Medley: Down by the riverside- Glory Glory Hallelujah – Solista N.H. Brown
Wade in the water Ascolta – Solisti F. Parma e G. Ruffini
Swing low, sweet chariot Ascolta – Solista R. Stratta
Jesus is mine – Solista N.H. Brown
Holy, Holy, Holy… Ascolta – Solista G. Ruffini
All that I have – Solista N.H. Brown
People get ready – Solisti R. Aluisini e M. Pecunia
Joy – Solista C. Toracca
Use me – Solista M. Pecunia
Soon and very soon – Solista N.H. Brown
Order my steps – Solisti L. Pasquinelli e N.H. Brown
We’re going up to the high places – Solista F. Parma
Total praise Ascolta
Stomp – Solista N.H. Brown


All my Love (2008) – Celebration Gospel Choir & N.H.Brown

Father, I Stretch My Hands To Thee – arr. N. H. Brown
God Cares – R. Wallace (dedicato a Sharon Bridges)
All My Love – N. H. Brown
Tutto questo è per Te – E. De Cristofaro
One Hand, One Heart – L.. Bernstein
Spiritual Medley – N. H. Brown
All That I Have – A. Crouch
Amazing Grace – arr. N. H. Brown
Night and Day – C. Porter
Mary’s Little Lamb – N. H . Brown
I Say A Little Prayer – B. Bacharach
Time To Heal – N. H. Brown
Save The Children – N. H. Brown
Oh Happy Day – E. Hawkins
Parlami D’Amore – E. De Cristofaro

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